Support & Maintenance

G-STAR will provide free direct sales and sales engineering support for all of your audiovisual and videoconferencing systems engineering for video conferencing system needs. This includes conference room facilities, network systems upgrades, enhancements, improvements, and modifications.

Please contact G-STAR at 704-909-2929 for all audiovisual and video conferencing pre-sales design, engineering, and rough order of magnitude (ROM) pricing.

Service Level Agreements

G-STAR Premier On-Site: Audiovisual and Videoconferencing Systems

  • 24x7TelephoneSupport
  • Next Day or Escalated On-site Service and Repair
  • Software Upgrade based on Manufacturer Release
  • Network Troubleshooting & Fault Isolation Assistance

G-STAR Premier: Audiovisual and Videoconferencing Systems

  • Normal Business Day Telephone Support 8:00 AM-5:00 PM (local time) v Next Day or Escalated Hardware Replacement
  • Software Upgrade based on Manufacturer Release

Management Solutions Consulting Group and G-Star have partnered on numerous audiovisual and videoconferencing proposal and business development efforts. The caliber of their staff, consultants and technology is exceptional and we highly recommend G-Star Telecom for business with any commercial or government customer.

Walter Burks, Management Solutions Consulting Group

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